Old Rules

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Found this old item from the year 2000 on my harddrive while spring-cleaning:

1. Carpets are unhygienic – more hotel rooms should have wooden floors.
2. Acrylic blankets and paper-fiber pillowcases are inhumane.
3. The hotel phone number should be written on the phone in your room.
4. Flight Attendants should NOT wear frangrance.
5. Airlines need to rethink their interiors!


  1. Borya

    For spring cleaning there’s a nice word in the German language: Frühjahrsputz. But don’t let Victor H. or Adam read it because they might interpret the second part of the word in another sense! :)

  2. Victor

    I’d like to add to #5… Airlines need to hire some “seat engineers”… I mean, we’re over 50 years into the jet age and the damn seats are still the most ridiculous un-ergonomic things ever developed! Oh, but they can “be used as a flotation device”… lucky us.

    Fruhjahrs-putz ~snicker~ ;-)


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