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Yes, another interesting conclusion that one can make based on the recursive problem you mentioned is that everything is space (i.e. no solidity). Well, look at the make up of an atom and it is mostly space… in fact they say that the size of the particles that make up an atom and their relative orbits are comparable in size and distance from one another to the planets in our solar system. Then they find these sub particles and the same thing is true of them… all this space and no real “solidity” to speak of. In fact, I heard that in a recent calculation they estimated that if all the space were removed between all the particles (at least the known ones that make up atoms) then the entire mass of the universe would find into about a cubic inch… and of course that size will be reduced if they discover even smaller particles (which I would bet they will). Yeah, all that space, and yet if I slam my hand on the desk it doesn’t pass through it… kind of makes you smile, like a good magic trick!

Yes, a universe in your pocket.
Nagarjuna came to the same conclusion a couple of thousand years ago. He called it emptiness rather than space. I believe you mean the same thing.


  1. Adam Solomon

    Mmm, assuming you equate space with emptiness…not a good idea, at least from the scientist’s standpoint!

  2. Victor

    Here is where I think science meets philosophy… Do you believe in a base particle? It appears that everything is made up of something. But if you take that statement, “everything is made up of something”, to its logical conclusion then it goes on for infinitiy. Well, infinitely small is what? Nothing, empty!

  3. Carol

    When I look up at the vastness of space and think of all there is in it So large, so vast so beyond our comprehension I feel pretty insignificant. But when I consider all there is within me, colonies and groups and individuals working alone smaller and Infintesimally smaller, I realize I better take care of myself:
    all the wonders of the unknown…Is out universe as small in the scheme of things as the tiniest within us. Are we all made of the sme stuff. Adam, let us know.

  4. Carol

    Or are we all made of nonstuff?


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