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Ashes and Snow
Bella doing her Ashes and Snow imitation. I bought the Ashes and Snow DVD , which I find quite expensive at $55, and watched it the other day. The words are intrusive, even though they are spoken by Lawrence Fishburn – who, by the way, sounds a little bit like Fishburn doing Captain Kirk… I wish there was a setting with the music only. And what is this about?

The DVD envelope is available in assorted colors of hand-made Nepalese paper coated with beeswax, bound by a matching thin waxed chording and red bead enhancement.

PLEASE NOTE: The unique Nepalese paper used for packaging of this DVD is coated with protective beeswax, which can potentially affect the performance of the disk. Please clean the disk in a back and forth (not circular) motion with a soft cloth before each use.

A sure way to destroy the DVD pretty quickly – so you buy another one? I threw the silly packaging away and put the DVD into a jewel box – had to cut down the booklet because it was a custom size.

And what did I think of the film itself you ask? Well, I think the film relates to the photos as Ravi Shankar’s tuning at the concert for Bangladesh related to his performance. It received applause from the audience present, but wasn’t nearly as satisfying.


  1. Molly

    what a silly way to package a cd and thanks for the heads up about it. have you seen the exhibit in person? i hear it’s extraordinary. i’m so glad i stumbled on your blog, although i tried to make an account here and it didn’t agree with my browser. bummer.

  2. Robin

    I will be seeing the exhibit next week…looking forward to it.


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