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Music: new Stephen Duros rough mixes

Wouldn’t it be nice if Blogger allowed us to drag entries where we want them in case we want to re-arrange them and, more importantly, allowed us to drag a few posts that we want to remain current to the side or to the top. This is one of those posts I would like to keep current, because it is a beautiful presentation and because maybe some of you would like to contact Roshi Halifax about donating medicine or other materials. Oh, and don’t me started about Blogger not having tags yet. This diary is becoming so vast that it would benefit greatly from tags. If you wanted to read only about guitar-stuff for example, or only about recording, or only ramblings about music. And while we are at it, I want to be able to make private posts that only certain people can see – either family or friends, or maybe some posts for the Fanmencos only…

Tibet 2004
Upaya Zen Center: Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Beautiful presentation by Joan Halifax Roshi with photos by Joan Halifax Roshi and Matthieu Ricard. I turned the PowerPoint file, which weighed in at 115MB last week into much smaller – now 4.5MB – PDF and PowerPoint files which you can download HERE (PowerPoint or PDF) or HERE (PDF only).


  1. marijose

    An amazing and very moving presentation on the nomad clinic. Open it, save it in your hard drive, and share it with others. Or direct others to the permalink for this post. There is very great need for clinics like this in many parts of the world.

  2. Eric



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