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The New Feminine Brain : How Women Can Develop Their Inner Strengths, Genius, and Intuition – by Mona Lisa Schulz

This book is stunning! Every woman needs to read this book, because not only does the author present us with groundbreaking research (easy to understand, btw) on our brains, but also she tells us what this means for us in our daily lives. If you have ever wondered about your own MOOD, ANXIETY, MEMORY or ATTENTION than this book will give you many valuable answers.

What I found most fascinating is that health problems we are facing as women today are affected by the dramatic shifts in women’s roles, responsibilities and lifestyles. And these changes are only as recent as 60 years old. Our brains are entirely different from our mothers, and grandmothers, because we’ve had to adapt to a very different world. This has made our bodies (that don’t evolve as fast) a sensitive and reactive landscape to compensate for the changes in deep patterns and structures going on in our brains.

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    Never leave home without your intuition.


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