Photography in Tibet2

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Regarding my earlier entry: Photography in Tibet.

Success! The third charger I bought appears to work with my Voltaic backpack. I had to buy the complete package with the rollup solarpanel just to get the little charger, but at least it is all working now.

I also have plenty of CF memory cards – enough for about 5,000 photos at the largest resolution jpeg setting of the Canon PowerShot S70.


  1. Borya

    Plenty of CF memory cards, right on. 640 x 480 just isn’t enough. And in the mountains of Tibet you certainly will make photos to remember. Just saw a short movie about Lhasa last week. Your journey will be fantastic however it will be.

  2. James Wahlgren

    Maybe too late for this, but anyways I just got the latest Real Goods solar energy catalog and in there I see they have a Reware Juice Bag backpack which has a 6.5 watt, 16.6 volt integrated solar panel.


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