Tears in the Rain

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I added a few more pieces to the Tears in the Rain album-in-progress in the ListeningLounge and there are now 13 altogether. I honestly cannot tell you whether the music is good or not, whether the guitar playing is excellent or lousy, whether the pieces are altogether sublime or silly, gold or crap.

These pieces are too close to me (still) and I can’t see them, can’t judge them, nor do I want to. All I can tell you is that I enjoyed playing them, discovering them, and I very much enjoy listening to them. They tell me something. They take me places. Eventually I will title the new batch. Eventually there should be a CD.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Well, I can tell you that no one has ever put together a project like this (at least that I know of) and you should be incredibly proud of what you’ve done. I can’t imagine a more personal piece of work. Each new song is just a bit more amazing than the last. I slip on the headphones and go places no other music can take me. This may wind up being my favorite collection of music ever.

  2. Adam Solomon





    ~heart attack~

  3. eno

    I agree with you completely Matt. I enjoy both sides. One of the chemistry of the band which will create a vibe like no other, but also the intimacy of the solo performer.

    Both equally valuable to the listening ear yet present different points of view in obtaining enjoyment.

  4. eno

    Sorry I have to comment twice.

    I just listened to Untitled 17 March-1…

    …that was sick how you threw the Malagena with tremelo in there. Very nicely done =)

  5. Victor

    (Very excited) I must get to the LL soon to download them!

    What has struck me about “Tears in the Rain” so far is the deeply intimate quality. Perhaps something like sitting with a friend while they tell you a story. Like a special moment that just happens… more improvised than planned! And I’m just blown away by the range of emotions! The fusion between storyteller and instrument is like nothing else I’ve experienced.

  6. Carol

    Has any music been more personal more real. I’m glad I listened to them today , because I was up in the air, nervous for no reason, and now..I feel like someone I care for has wispered to me and brought me comfort and peace…and that is of course true. Music, emotions like no other…
    Thank you, Ottmar.

  7. Borya

    Your TiR-improvs are like wonderful Haiku poetry.


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