Out of the Blue

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This afternoon I went into my studio to record some music for Tears in the Rain. I had three general ideas that I was going to use as starting points for improvisations. Curiously, or should I say typically, it was a fourth piece that moved me. After playing the three improvisations based on themes I had planned, I started playing something out of the blue, which turned out to be the best piece of the day.


  1. eno

    Let me know if this is what you’re referring to as “out of the blue”. I’ve never approached making music in the sense of planning. E.g., okay I want this bass sound over this snare placed over here at this time. It’s more of a free flowing process than that. Usually I just get something going with a simple beat and just build from that without thought. Anytime I try to “think” about it I always wind up frustrated and end up making something I find dissatisfying.

    Loosing myself rather than using myself always works best for me. I luv that about music. It’s bigger than the artist yet it wouldn’t exist without him/her.

  2. Curt

    And having your recorder running, you’ve captured a “little miracle”. Kind of like snapping a photo of the horizon at the same moment a brilliant flash of lightning appears.


  3. Borya

    That’s how writing often worked for me. What I wanted to write turned out crap (in my case and imo) but I ended up with tiny little stories that still are working and nice to read years after.

    Will you add all 4 improves to the LL or only the last one? That’s a thrilling development TiR takes…

  4. Anonymous

    You say typically on the forth time? hm, esotoricly there’s 4 energy forces: viewing, thinking, feeling, and then doing/manifesting.(ideas)


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