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Seth’s Blog: The problem with “global warming”
We are facing what might be the greatest threat ever to the future of mankind.

And yet no one is marching in the streets, the outrage is largely intellectual and action is slow. (If you want to argue about the science, please visit the link above, this is a post about the marketing!)
(Via coolmel)

The problem is not moving the object, the problem is where to place the lever. Another problem is that 40% of Americans apparently feel that the end of the world will happen within the next 50 years – therefore, no need to clean up after ourselves since it’s all going to be over soon. Of course, if it isn’t over in fifty years our children’s children will curse all of us.

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  1. dave

    “We do not inherit the
    world from our ancestors,
    we borrow it from our children.”

    – Native American saying –


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