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Wabi What?
Sabi is a word that originated in Japanese poetry. It expresses the feeling you get in the autumn when the geese are flying south and the leaves are falling. It is a sort of somber longing that is felt in the muted colors and earthy aroma of a forest preparing for winter. This melancholy ache is a sort of hopeful sadness that recognizes that nothing is perfect, nothing lasts, and nothing is finished, but that even so, life is full of meaning. The complete term ‘wabi sabi’ describes a way of life practiced by those who notice and appreciate the significant moments of each day, live fully in each change of season, and connect with nature and those around them in meaningful and gentle ways.


  1. Carol

    You have expressed that part of life like no one else. If we only live for the split second of perfection in life of any kind…how very sad. If we can feel the meaning in every stage and every moment …well why do I try to explain the happiness of every day…You’ve done it so well. thank you.

  2. Yumiko

    What a wonderful post. Enjoyed reading that very much.


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