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Music: ITAOL 07

I have been working on a new version of In the Arms of Love. Opium-izing the music. Adding lots of layers. Creating an adult version of the lullabies.

The other day I added an electric guitar solo to Dreaming on the Starlight that had me surprised. You know, as in that’s cool… where did it come from. Actually the way the last note of the screaming electric ends reminds me of Chi-Wahwah Beauty.

Yesterday morning I recorded the birds outside my house – it is shocking (in a good way) when the birds return and shatter the quiet of Winter – and then I added that recording to the sound of the train. It’s becoming a layercake.


  1. Carol

    Ohhh how exciting. Your music fills my world and you are always bringing a whole new atmosphere and feeling to it. That sounds beautiful.

  2. Curt

    I feel that the Opium-ized versions of your songs, like those that are on your DVD, are my favorite versions – especially Lush. I really love the way that band sounded with Carl’s “tupperware” kit.

    I have only one comment regarding ITAOL 07 – it stinks that we have to wait until 07 to hear it!

  3. Matt Callahan

    My two favorite albums combined? I can’t wait to hear this!

  4. Mike

    I have to say Ottmar , your a busy man. Can’t wait to hear what your working on. Have a great evening !

  5. Paula

    I recently orded La Semana CD from Amazon, I LOVE IT. I can only express my joy & gratitude in discovering such a wonderfull & exciting compilation of music!

  6. Borya

    Lost for words. Have to come back tomorrow to see if this entry is still here or if I was dreaming….

  7. Borya

    Will u put the “old” ITAOL in the LL as well in 07 as soon as u get the rights back? I’d love to download some none-ripped mp3s, e.g. of Caminar solo.


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