Ten Ren Tea

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Ten Ren Tea
TenRen.Com features products from Ten Ren Tea Company, the largest and best known tea manufacturer in the Far East. Owned and operated by third generation tea producers for over 40 years, Ten Ren’s goal is to promote the art of Chinese tea to discriminating consumers worldwide.

I have bought tea from Ten Ren for about 15 years. I used to stock up on tea at their store in San Francisco’s China Town – always a great place to try samples of tea – but now I just order from their excellent web site.


  1. Carol

    They are so fast and efficient, and the Pouchong is wonderful. Thank you for telling me about it…I used to call them, but they had trouble understanding my accent, so even if it’s a little less personal, it works better to order it off the net.

  2. Matt Callahan

    Just placed my first order. It’s getting very difficult to find loose tea around here.


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