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Vic2rsBlog: The Spiritual Trinity
First, Buddha-Dharma-Sanga, simply translated: Inspiration-Process-Community, or Example-Guidelines-Empowerment. Well, it seems to me this ‘trinity’ must be some sort of basic spiritual truth because it can be seen everywhere. How many ways can the same ‘trinity’ be expressed? How about: Goal-Plan-Action, or even more basic Love-Wisdom-Power.

It is true that we see trinities everywhere and we certainly find them in many religious or spiritual teachings. But, could it be that the trinity is simply a basic reality of the brain? That this way of looking at our world might be influenced by the basic structure of our brain? This is an item on MIT News from two years ago:

While computers process information using a binary system of zeros and ones, the neuron, Liu discovered, communicates its electrical signals in trinary – utilizing not only zeros and ones, but also minus ones. This allows additional interactions to occur during processing. For instance, two signals can add together or cancel each other out, or different pieces of information can link up or try to override one another.

On the other hand – we might say that our reality, the world, is simply constructed with threes at its root and of course our brain had to be structured in the same way… Let’s chew on that for a few days.


  1. Adam Solomon

    That wouldn’t make the trinity a basic reality of the brain but a basic reality of nature itself. Hmm..Interesting.

  2. ChristinaB

    Hi Ottmar,
    I’m dreaming up a photo book/ travel journal about connections that run through all peoples, places and things. Trinities are definately on the top of my list. My goal is to bring readers together by helping them witness how often our paths converge in unity. My pictures represent the meeting grounds, where the web of life connects. And really, if we wake to these connections they are everywhere, are they not? We cannot exist outside them. The plan is simply to make the witnessing of them a pleasure through photography and insight.
    I found your blog when I googled “road trip with a prius”! Wonderful synchronicity.
    By the way, I just started learning guitar. Much fun. Now when I listen to your music, I’m further blown away. I’m sending you many thanks, much love, and peace.

    Christina L. Breker

  3. Anonymous

    Three little pigs, three blind mice, Speak/Hear/Say no evil…3 wise men…”Everything happens in 3’s”….the Bermuda Triangle…3 dimensions….Heaven, Earth, Sea….Ponderous.


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