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DISCOURSE: Seppo and Gensha
‘Ah, not knowing. Very intimate, very intimate indeed.’ When we know, we have the knower and the thing known: that’s two things. In intimacy, there is no knowing. The whole body and mind is involved. It’s not objective; it’s very subjective. There’s no separation.’

A friend of mine referred to Tears in the Rain as being very intimate. I was delighted that he used this word and think that it is very appropriate. I think this music is subjective, un-rehearsed, of-the-moment, deeply personal – and yet maybe exactly because it is so personal it is also universal… I wrote back that I would like the Tears in the Rain music to be intimate and ordinary.

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  1. Just Me

    According to ordinary is “not exceptional in any way especially in quality or ability or size or degree…”. Your music is anything but ordinary although I think I understand what you mean when you say you would like it to be “intimate & ordinary.” To be personal and yet universal? To have meaning only for us and yet for everyone who hears it? I’m just not sure that “ordinary” does it justice.


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