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Music: The Time of Bells Vol 1: Soundscapes of Italy, Finland, Greece, and France – Steve Feld

About Environmental Soundscape Art
Environmental Soundscape Art:
The Voice of the Planet is the Muse

EarthEar’s new redesigned site features well over a hundred CDs from independent producers and small labels worldwide, as well as the opportunity to hear works that are not available on CD, and CD and CD-R works that can be purchased directly from the producers. Our Galleries will introduce you to the many ways that creative producers are working with the sounds around us to create compelling new listening experiences.

I am listening to THIS right now. Very well recorded. Beautiful.

If you own a cafe, you might consider buying a number of these soundscape CDs and playing them softly in the background – a subtle way to transport your customers to another place… right now my ears tell me I am in a field or on a country road in Europe, but my eyes tell me I am at home in Santa Fe.

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  1. Mike

    I found the Auroral Chorus to be very fascinating. I had no idea such sounds emminated from our ionosphere. What a great site, thanks for sharing.


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