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TerraBlog from TerraPass: Fight global warming, promote alternative energy
Even if you are filthy rich, the environmental incentives are high. Changing a standard 75W bulb to a 20W compact fluorescent will save 500 lbs of coal and 1300 lbs of carbon. The new CCF bulbs are even more efficient, typically boosting efficiency 4-7x over regular incandescents:

Dimmability: the CCFs are dimmable, with no hum.
Size: CCFs fit in all fixtures, unlike some long or snow-cone CFs.
Longevity: CCFs last up to 25,000 hours.

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  1. MichaelV

    The biggest parties to waste electricity are the electrical companies (ELC). Instead of asking consumers to spend money on gadgets to save electricity ELCs should have been working on a method to do the same.

    Did you know a/c is really wasted electricity from the moment it is created (use it or lose it.) In other words ELC spend money creating electricity even if there is no demand for it. Once created it is never stored either. The ELC have not spent time figuring out how to store a/c yet – they don’t want to either. Can you believe it – there is no incentive for them to even try to figure how to store a/c current and shut down generators for a few hours a day. You can store d/c current but no one has figured out how to store a/c current. Amazing!

    All the current you see in those high tension lines goes to waste if not used…and the generators need to stay up 24/7 to maintain the lines with current (even if not used.)

    You can see the potential savings if anyone can figure out how to store a/c current for later use. I have brainstormed ways to store a/c but get discouraged of the negative results.


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