Beached Whale

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Beached Whale
Here’s a sad image of a dead or dying whale on a beach in South Africa. It seems that people are having to try to save beached whales increasingly often, and sadly there’s some suggestion that our marine sonar systems could be at fault.
Beached Whale
More information on beached whales at Wikipedia.
(Via Google Sightseeing)

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  1. Carol

    It makes a person realize that we must be very careful with our advances and gains. Always it seems some other life loses. Imagine the freedom the whales knew before the first steam boat disrupted their conversations made from pole to pole. We must have sips, but what a loss for those beings.

  2. Ottmar

    Any gain must be challenged by the potential loss and in some cases we must find alternate technology. I find the loss of whales not an acceptable “side-effect” of navigation. The most disruptive sonar technology comes from the warships of the world. The world is a complex web of life and we must carefully navigate through that web with greater care than we have shown in the past. Your statement “we must have ships” over-simplifies the issue in my opinion.
    I like we must have sips better. To your health!

  3. Carol

    I guess I must have meant that :) A glass of Pinot Noir and a toast to all beings and non-beings on earth.
    When I think of the trust in the porpoises that played alongside our boat and body surfed with my sons with no fear, we must be true to our responsibilities. They would take care of us I think if they could.

  4. marijose

    As cash-rich navies deploy this unproven technology (see and other countries rush to catch up, sadly the problem is going to worsen – the 21st century equivalent of unabated whaling.

  5. Mike in Vegas

    When these animals do this, its a message, something is wrong with the cycle of life here.


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