Freakin’ Bell

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Freakin’ Bell
Whenever I forget to close Ottmar’s blog in one of my Firefox tabs, that mindfulness bell always catches me off guard, especially when I’m wearing my earphones listening to iTunes with the bloody volume in full blast! One of these days Ottmar’s blog will either give me a heart attack, or a rude awakening. Damn! There it goes again!
(Via coolmel)

One of these days you will either become mindful or deaf… In fact that would be a cool t-shirt: mindful or deaf!


  1. Dave

    My son and I were once quite stumped where the bell sounds were coming from. Initially we thought it was my phone, since I have a similar bell sounds on it as a meditation timer.

    It still gets me if I have your blog open in a background tab and don’t realize it. :-)

  2. eno


    I know exactly what you mean! That darn thing catches me off guard all the time…but you know what…I think I like it. It serves its purpose, to awaken =)



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