Tears in the Rain

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Uploaded a new piece to the Tears in the Rain album in the ListeningLounge. It is called This Spring release 10,000 Butterflies.

I know, it goes against my own naming convention for the album, but the title seemed to appear together with the music and so I will not argue. It’s been a few months since the last solo guitar piece, but this one turned out nice and is the longest one yet.

I am currently considering releasing a version of Tears in the Rain, which has been mastered (using EQ and compression) for CD, as part of a 2 CD package. Basically it would be a second CD that would come in the package of up close, which might be released late this year, but more likely early in 2007.

We would raise the price of the up close album package only slightly, but it would be much less than what record companies commonly charge for double CDs. I consider Tears in the Rain my gift to people who buy up close. Tears in the Rain is intimate and personal and very different from my other work.

I want to stress that the version of the Tears in the Rain pieces available from our ListeningLounge, which use no EQ and no compression, will not be available on CD, period. I have mastered these songs and the new versions w EQ and compression will be available on the CD. I personally prefer the versions that are already available in the LL.


  1. Eric N

    That was beautiful!


  2. Matt Callahan

    The new track was certainly worth the wait. Simply beautiful! I suppose we all have to make good on the food offers now?

  3. Borya

    A wonderful idea. I certainly will acquire both – the mp3 (already done as available yet) and the CD. Ever thought about offering Parts of Winter Rose-tracks in the LL? The bulerías rythm of Winter Blue would be cool. How many bmp is that, btw? Oh, and I think the Winter Rose songs you played on the Holiday Tour (Pavane, Bells, Le Cafe, Bethlehem) should certainly raise the number of downloads in the LL. :)

  4. dave

    Downloaded this AM & Tears in the Rains has been playing on my PC all day. Great music.

  5. Carol

    I was feel all fidgity and nervous and I listened…and it’s all gone I feel peaceful and happy once more. Thank you, Ottmar


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