Glaciers of Tibet

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Global warming liquefying the glaciers of Tibet | Grist Magazine | Daily Grist | 04 Jan 2006
High-altitude Tibet is known as the ‘rooftop of the world,’ but lately the roof is a bit saggy. Global warming is rapidly melting glaciers on the Tibetan Plateau, water source for many of the region’s rivers. This great melt – already being felt in flooding – could eventually cause water shortages and a variety of other troubles.

I will spend 5 weeks in September/October on the rooftop of the world. THIS backpack should be able to charge a spare battery for my digital camera, so I can take photos of the soggy roof.


  1. Anonymous

    We all have dreams…but you act on yours. I’ll be looking forward to a vicarious trip to the top of the world soggy or snowy.

  2. canton

    Cool backpack. Tibet should be a great place for solar power. Solar panels have the highest output when it’s both bright and cold. (Unfortunately, batteries don’t perform well when it’s cold. So the trick is to keep your batteries warm and your panel cold…)

    High altitude geeking. wonderful!

  3. Borya

    Sounds very thrilling, Ottmar travelling Tibet! Will certainly make some fantastic diary entries, photo shots and maybe field recordings…


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