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What is creativity?
Creativity is self-less.

Creativity is informed by the personality, ability, and understanding of the individual, but it is not the result of it.

When a person believes him/herself to be the originator of his/her art, instead of simply being the facilitator, it can stop the flow.

And yes, isn’t love just like that…

It brings up this: Doesn’t it seem that most schools and teachers do only teach technique and not creativity? They seem to hope that one will discover creativity by oneself…

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  1. Carol

    I have never understood why so many teachers are happy when all the “art work” is identical. “Your son is not an artist like his mother,” the teacher said. “He can’t color in the lines.” That isn’t even technique. “Itos good for coordination” I said. “We’ll do art at home”. And I turned him loose and he created.


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