DNA Portrait

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Create your personalized DNA Portrait – SplitScreen
A two person DNA portrait – ideal for family, couples and friends. Great for anniversary and wedding gifts.
(Via Another World Is Here)

Valentine’s day is only a few weeks away.


  1. Anonymous

    Nice art, but way too expensive. There’s an alternative that offers you highest quality, lowest prices and maximum flexibility. The company Geneportrait Unique Personalized DNA-Art Genetic Portraits creates beautiful and scientifically-solid genetic portraits from a sample of your own DNA. They can include multiple individuals (people/pets) in one single portrait which makes the experience much less expensive and more meaningful: You can directly compare your fingerprint with your loved ones’ (family members,couple, pets, friends) , generating both a unique sense of closeness and individuality. The artwork is delivered on CD giving you total freedom of choice to handle your work of art and save money in overall costs. Furthermore, you will preserve your DNA-art portrait
    for a lifetime.

  2. Rhegan

    What’s up with this? One minute I’m reading this, that and bla bla bla next thing I see, is my name… in the above box- that’s some freaky stuff.
    I don’t know much about Genetic Portraits. I love to paint, create, write a bit of poetry and go with the flow. I’ll talk about something else. I took my daughter, Mheiajn to the city, along with my niece strapped to my back, waited at the crossing for the man to turn green, and behind us, a chinese man was playing a flute, beautiful, so we gave him some money, and believe it or not, had good fortune for the rest of the day… see what happens when you give a little.


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