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David Byrne Journal: 1.10.06: DRM
Don’t Buy CDs from the Big 5.

CDs from the big five run the risk of damaging your computer, opening you up to security risks, and you can’t rip the music onto your iPod. Stop buying CDs now. At least until they guarantee us that they will never try this shit again.

O.K., I’m exaggerating, but if I need to carry around a list to know which CDs I can safely buy it’s getting out of control.

Well, it’s just like buying groceries now. You have got to read the list of INGREDIENTS! And for CDs that includes knowing what NOT to buy anymore. What is safe? Anything with a CC (Creative Commons) sign, most small label product, and most older CDs. My Epic Records catalog is clean as far as I know, but EMI/Europe added DRM to the two SSRI albums they licensed: In the Arms of Love and The Santa Fe Sessions, and possible to all of the Higher Octave Music catalog, but apparently only in Europe.


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