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Last week I made a nice and simple pasta dish for a friend. First I took a handful of capers and fried them in olive oil until they were crispy. (It is important to use the capers packed in salt, not the ones in brine. Wash the salt off, drain and dry with a paper towel before frying.)

Then I cooked spaghetti. I used Latini spaghetti, which I discovered in Tuscany last October, and when they were cooked I drained the pasta and added olive oil, ground pepper, grated parmeggiano and the fried capers. The pasta tastes wonderful and the capers turn your mouth into a party!

I can only find capers in salt every once in a while in Santa Fe. Whole Foods used to carry them, but they seem to stop carrying everything I love after a while. Kaune’s has them now and then, but I found some online. The same online shop that carries Latini pasta also carries capers in salt:

Latini Spaghetti and two brands of capers HERE and HERE. I haven’t tried these two brands, but ordered some of each to compare. There certainly is a large price difference between the two.

I also finally got around to ordering Real Wasabi powder and will report on that once I have tried it.

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