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It seems obvious to me that our ListeningLounge is selling downloads only. It says so right under the title: Quality Music Downloads. But maybe it is not obvious enough, because there have been two instances already where people bought a Winter Rose album in the ListeningLounge and weeks later they complain that they haven’t received it yet – because they thought they had ordered a physical CD.

We have two stores. If you want to purchase an actual old-fashioned CD please go to HERE.

We will try to make it more obvious. I am suggesting pulsating warning signs and a warning siren.

This music biz is so distracting. I’ll get back to my guitar now…


I suggest changing the link to “Buy Entire Album Download”. Although you would think it would be obvious to your customers that since your site says “Quality Downloads” that we would all know that we are purchasing downloads and not a physical CD, but we are creatures of habit and we sometimes need things to be perfectly clear.

Thanks for the suggestion, J.D. In the meantime we added a third button on the main LL page that reads Music CDs and Merchandise.

This is a time of developing, and getting used to, a new music business – for all of us. Unfortunately it will take a while.

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