Mystery Solved

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Yesterday I had trouble hearing during the performance at the Majestic Theater. My mind felt like I was tripping as it was trying to figure out what was going on with my ears. Everything sounded strange and muffled. I turned a few knobs on my monitor box, but nothing seemed to work. The second set seemed to be a little easier and I went for it musically, but it was still a struggle to hear. We performed well and had two standing ovations, but I was a worried about my hearing as I have experienced some problems with my ears in the recent past.

Well, the story continued during soundcheck today. I told Alan that it sounded like I was 20db down in volume. Jon handed me his pack and when I plugged my monitors into it I seemed to hear much more. To make a boring story short, Alan discovered that when changing batteries in our Shure headphone amps between soundcheck and show yesterday, a -15db dip-switch was accidentally flicked… Mystery solved. It sounded just as good as I remembered and I am glad.

In case my ears were gone and I had to start looking for another career, the Carlas suggested a store called Otti’s Nails.


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