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and now we find out that a british man who is obsessed with eminem killed a woman with a metal baseball bat and stuffed her body into a suitcase. am i being ‘too uptight’ for not seeing the humor in this? should i ‘relax’ and see the comedy in a misogynyst beating a woman to death? before this british man brutally killed this woman he was singing eminem songs in a karaoke bar.
maybe there’s no connection. maybe there is. it’s disgusting that we even have to ask that question. it’s disgusting that people in the media and the press have celebrated and glamorized music and musicians who write lyrics that glorify misogyny and homophobia. there is nothing glamorous about homophobia and misogyny. homophobia and misogyny are disgusting and vile and represent the worst and most atavistic elements of the human spirit.

A few days ago I was doing something in our bus and turned on MTV and I have to say that similar thoughts went through my mind. The visuals used in many of the videos as well as the lyrics made me shudder. Moby writes:

maybe there’s no connection. maybe there is.

I think everything is connected. Some connections are more obvious and others are more subtle. That is the only difference.

PS: Art/Music are mirrors of society, but they can also be signposts of where society might be headed. This subject is one to be discussed at length as it is multifaceted, involving freedom of expression, responsibility of expression and the big business that profits from outrageousness. It is a subject that does not have a definitive answer, rather is a knife-edge one has to move along on.


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