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Siemens Develops Flexi-Screens
Siemens has developed a flexible color display screen that can be printed on something as thin as paper, cardboard, foil, or even plastic. It’s also affordable enough — about $52 for 3.2 feet — to be included in everything from books and magazines to tickets and instructions on packaging labels. The most practical use of this is for video instructions on packaging, say for hardware installation or drug dosage. Sounds very cool, especially for people like me who are always too impatient to read the manuals.
(Via Gizmodo)

I hope there will be an on/off button on the package somewhere and that video won’t be running on every single package in a supermarket. Can you imagine the visual din if every package displayed video… And since we are genetically programmed to look at anything moving in the corner of our eyes, we would constantly blink and stare.


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