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David’s Journal: Current

This unconscious flow and intention, which I know from experience, can be used to write songs, for example, without any conscious sense of what they are about – but then in retrospect they all seem, or the subject seems (sometimes) glaringly clear and obvious – as if, on looking backwards, one can see the connections, and trace a line of presumed intention. Which does NOT mean the intention was not there in the first place – it was merely unconscious, invisible to the creator – mercifully so. Playing Monday morning quarterback on one’s own work, it then becomes hard to believe that there was never that conscious intention to begin with – hard to believe that it was hidden from the creator but subtly guided the hand and heart – and the creative decision-making process – but I think it’s true.

Very true. And, we always lose when we try to force a song that wants to be a ballad into becoming something else. Funny thing, creativity. A flow, a current. Something one can surf or ride, but never really control. If we are good surfers of the creative current it may seem like we are in control, but we are simply following the wave, not controlling it.


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