Tears in the Rain

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From Matt Callahan:

I had originally thought about adding the Mindbell between tracks to provide some room for a breath or two before moving to the next song. Now I think the sound of rain or even running water would be nice to go along with the title concept. Something faint enough that you really need to listen to hear it.

Each person could add the sounds independently. Some may not care for it at all and some may only want the addition between certain tracks. To me, this sort of flows with the idea of creating your own CD case or storage box. Any thoughts? Do you have sound files similar to this already on hand that could be added to the Lounge?

Interesting concept. Garnish or condiment??
No matter, I shall rummage through my files and look for more bells, rain and water. More building blocks for a very unique CD you can make yourself, if you like.

This would make a great gift for a friend, I think. There is the basic music I have recorded, the field sounds I will also supply, and then there are the precious ingredients of your own thought, creativity and care – downloading the music, possibly adding some field sounds here and there, burning a CD, creating a container. That’s not just a store-bought CD in a wrapper with a post-it note that says Happy Birthday


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