Filmtracks: Ruby Cairo

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To add the South American feel to certain sequences, Barry employs the talents of Ottmar Liebert on the flamenco guitar for simple, but elegant accompaniment to the orchestra for some of the thematic sequences (and importantly, the statement of theme which begins the album).

You can check out four short clips to the left and the one they call Ruby Cairo Theme/Flamenco was produced by myself sometime between Solo Para Ti and The Hours between Night + Day. Jon Gagan on bass and synth, and Dave Bryant doing all of the percussion. Nobody from the movie was present. I sent it to the director and it was included in one scene. It was my understanding that the movie was completely re-edited after scoring low with a test audience and since John Barry was already busy with other soundtracks they patched together a soundtrack – hence all of the mention of synthesizers. It took me ten years to get paid for my performance in the original orchestra score and for my version of the theme which was included in the soundtrack. And apparently now it starts off the re-mastered soundtrack CD.

BTW, the movie was sooo much better before the re-edit. Lesson learned: don’t listen to test-audiences and go with your gut!


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