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Sacramento 16 Sep 05 - 11
It has been wonderful playing as a trio again – with Dave Bryant on percussion. Dave did all of the percussion and palmas on the albums Poets & Angels, Borrasca and Solo Para Ti and some on The Hours between Night + Day. He also toured with us for two years in a van. At that time my brother was manager, crew and soundman and the four of us took turns driving.

There is something about the groove the three of can lay down, that is unlike any other band formation we have had. It is a real joy for me to re-discover that.

Meanwhile Jon spends a good amount of time in the backlounge of the tourbus working on string quartet arrangements for the November/December tour, and in true Jon style there are some wonderful turns and twists in the music.

We had a special treat today, because Yumiko dropped off homemade Inari Sushi! Yummy!!


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