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I have been able to order steve’s cd from CDLA music. I always like originals, not down loads.

This is a statement from an email we received. Let’s have a look at it, shall we?

I mix an album and then I send a Master CD to the manufacturer/distributor. If the manufacturer is Higher Octave/EMI, they might take my CD, load it into their computer and add all sorts of DRM and other code before sending it to one or more pressing plants. Some people say they can hear a difference with this code added, but I haven’t bothered to try because there is nothing I can do about it anyway. Usually Higher Octave/EMI use several pressing plants, but a minimum of two for Europe and the U.S. There, more copies are being made, which are now at least twice removed from my original Master CD.

I am told that Third Street records, do not add anything to my Master CD and send it straight to the pressing plant. Since they only manufacture in the U.S. no additional master copies need to be made.

Now let’s have a look at a download: I mix and master an album in my studio. I burn the master CD and bring it to the office in my house – my studio has no Internet connection – and upload the music to the server.

Isn’t it obvious?
1. All music CDs are copies and there is no original.
2. A download is no less original than a CD. In fact I think it is more original, because I control every single step.

A music album in any format has never, ever been an original like a painting can be an original. You must think of it as a print, a copy, one of many.

You can entertain any preference you desire, but I don’t want you to have any illusions about the originality of Compact Disks.

PS: a last thought regarding CDs: In 15 years I have never seen cover art (CD Booklet) faithfully reproduced in print. It’s always a compromise because the pressing plants have to keep running and time is of the essence.


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