Ebony & Ivory

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Ebony and Ivory
Admittedly it would have been more difficult to sing ‘some of us think that there are significant differences—individual, cultural, racial, and geographic in origin—between the peoples of the world, but that these differences should not be the cause of conflict, anxiety or denial, and that it should always be remembered that moral notions like ‘good’ and ‘bad’ are culturally bound, varying from one society to the next’. I’m sure the versatile McCartney-Wonder team, though, with their differing but complementary skills, could have found a way to set that to music.

and further down in the post:

The rate of clinical depression amongst immigrating Latinos will rise from 3% of the population, the rate in Latin America, towards 17%, the rate in North America. Dietary and lifestyle changes will bring Japanese cancer mortality rates up to American levels for Japanese who relocate to the US.
(Via Click opera)

Two taboos I could do without: racial differences and sexual orientations. Yes, there are racial and cultural differences and it would benefit all of us to study them. And, who cares whether somebody is hetero-, homo- or multi-sexual. Or a-sexual. One or the other, both or none.

The way I see it, choices are good and cultural and racial differences are great – because it allows the planet, that is all humans, to perceive our world in multiple ways. More ways, more colors, bigger palette. More views, more angles, more shades, more experiences. And once we get over the differences, and are willing to acknowledge them in the first place, we can all enjoy them.

Or, my view is partial, personal and limited. My knowledge is partial, my understanding is partial. My political views are just as “wrong” (partial) as yours. But we might be able to agree on certain positions. You see, the more voices we admit to the table, the more complete our picture will become.


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