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Brad Warner:
I’m already doing the normal thing of sending out queries to publishing houses. But it occurred to me this web page might also be a useful place to pitch the project. So if any of you good people out there work for publishers, or agents, or if anyone out there is a literary agent, and you’re interested, let me know.
Below are some files related to the book.
If nothing else, you can enjoy them. Here ya go:

A Chapter About The Flaming Lips
A Chapter About Dogen’s Most Famous Work

I especially enjoyed the Dogen chapter.

To most of us the existence of “self” is unquestionable, self-evident. What could be more obvious? I think, therefore I am. But, to Dogen it was evident that self did not exist at all — as it is to anyone who pursues Buddhist practice deeply enough. Self is just a mental construct, an idea, a way of understanding reality, a slot within our heads into which we place a certain portion of that which we experience. But when your practice deepens and it begins to dawn on you that all of your thoughts are just thoughts, even that most basic of thoughts, the idea that your thoughts are generated by something called “self,” becomes questionable and finally dissolves away.

I have been reading several translations of Dogen’s writings and he was one very gifted and special human being.


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