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Some commentators are making fun of those people who believe that there is a connection between Katrina and pollution and Global Warming. But, everything is connected. No man is an island. We may not have the data that would help us connect the dots yet – and in any case dots can only be connected in hindsight – but it is foolish and ignorant to declare that there is no connection at all.

Just take a look at that oddball collection that is your ego. If another one of the 40 million sperm had reached the egg first, why you would be a different person with a very different ego, maybe a different sex, different height, with a different set of talents. If one of your parents had perished in an accident when you were little, or if you had had a different teacher in school who might have inspired a different point of view… so many variables!

Back to Katrina: who knows how the dots connect, and how foolish to categorically rule out anything at this point.

HERE is one way to connect the dots for New Orleans. (thanks Rommel)


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