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Last night I called Jon and told him I wanted to do something quick and expressive. He and I take many months to record our albums and it involves a lot of planning, layering, mixing and so on. Yesterday it hit me that I would really like to record an album in one take for a change. I proposed that I would come to his studio, armed only with my electric guitar and my new Pod and maybe some effect boxes… Jon would play synthesizers or bass or whatever and that we would sit down and create a new album right there… maybe we would complete the t-one 2005 he started – or maybe it would become something altogether different. It certainly wouldn’t be nouveau flamenco or jazz…

Received the new Pod the other day and am loving to work with it. Line6 now has a nice software editor that connects to the Pod via USB and lets me edit the sounds on my laptop. That was my biggest gripe about working with the older Pod I have been using on stage. I hate staring at those little screens and once I found some decent sounds I never changed them and never explored the full potential of the machine.

That was also the reason I bought the Guitar Rig as I was excited about editing the sounds in my laptop, but Alan thought it sounded whimpy when I tried to use it on stage and asked me to switch back to the Pod and I thought that latency was a problem with the Guitar Rig as well.

The PODxt Pro seems to be the best of both worlds for me: it has a killer sound and using the Line6 software I can edit the sounds on my PowerBook.


  1. Borya

    Aand? Did u finally go to Jon’s and recorded???

  2. Gerald Weber

    Not so very long ago I bought and watched a DVD on how Jimi Hendrix recorded his Electric Ladyland album. During those sessions in the studio, Hendrix managed to include his groupies, friends, etc. This would create huge problems for his manager, Chas Chandler (sic), but then I realized something about that just now after reading your weblog. It might have been critical for his performance in the studio. Was it “duende” he was looking for?

  3. dave

    Hmmm…another lava type project. Really cool.

  4. Curt

    I absolutely SWEAR by the POD (damn it!) and have gotten several guitar players hooked on it as well! I bought my first POD back when it launched and there’s nothing like them. About the only thing I feel they lack is that ultimate sustain/feedback. You know the kind – you play a note and position yourself in that sweet spot in front of an amp and the note just sings forever… ahhh! That’s nice! And the POD lacks this ability. Although you can kinda fake it by using an eBow.


  5. v2or

    With the new Pod the XT Pro you can also add there new effects pack and they are really good. It will be cool to see what you do. And with All pod xt you can easly share your setting on Pods web sight.


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