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The LIVE 2003 and 2004 Drum Duets have been deleted from the ListeningLounge. One of the performers objects to the CC license that we use for all LL music and since the CC license is one of the three rules I set for the LL, those tracks were deleted this morning. They were free downloads to begin with and therefore I see no problem in removing them completely – meaning you won’t find them in your library anymore.

I added my first draft of Silence: No More Longing to the Unreleased album on the LL. This piece was podcast before, but is now available as a free download in all mp3 formats.

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  1. Adam Solomon

    Well that’s strange…would I be too pushy in inquiring as to why this performer disagreed with the CC license?

    And I let out an audible gasp when I read about the Silence: No More Longing draft–the theoretical astrophysicists meeting in here gave me quite a weird look! (Before moving right back on to hydrodynamicmagnetoviscouscombinatorysillywords turblence.) Then I realized it was the one we’ve had for a while :) But hey, it’s very nice to be able to get hi-quality for that now…maybe that could be a little thing for the LL, podcasted tracks could get placed on the LL simultaneously for free…for those of us who don’t use podcasting…


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