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Are any other T-Mobile users experiencing problems sending or receiving SMS messages or receiving incoming calls? This may be a local Santa Fe issue or not, but it does not appear to be a Tro 650 issue because my manager’s Sidekick2 is experiencing the same problems. We both had new SIM cards issued by T-Mobil within the last week, because T-Mobil claimed the SIMs had gone bad, but over the weekend both of our phones had outages again. I am starting to suspect a T-Mobile network problem. Thanks!

PS: found another local T-Mobil customer who has the same problems.

PPS: a person in the local T-Mobile store admitted that T-Mobil had a nation-wide problem which is mostly fixed, but will solved no later than today. Yeah! I love hearing the truth from companies so much more than when I get snowed with the old “what problem?”


  1. Adam Solomon

    This T-mobile customer has recieved three incoming calls today with seemingly no problem.

  2. Borya

    T-Mobile user here as well. No problems. T-Mobile active in the US? Didn’t know that. Are we talking about the same?


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