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Jon came over yesterday and played bass on the first track for Up Close. Very groovy. Got two more I want to record right away this month…
Water Catcher - 5
After some research I bought a Canon Macro lens because I wanted to start taking photos for the Up Close album. The lens is unbelievable and of course the whole world is a new discovery through that lens… The CD booklet will probably show just a few photos because of the space limitations, but it might be fun to create a PDF with a larger selection of photos. Anyway, I didn’t have a filter to keep the drops from hitting the lense – so I used the front of a jewelbox to shield the lense… so they are good for something, those jewelcases

This is my favorite of the guitar photos I took today.
Lester DeVoe Negra - 6

Bird Bath - 5
I put a little set together and suggest watching it as a slideshow because the black background makes the detail stand out better.


  1. Matt Callahan

    Fantastic. I’ll need to have a few of these developed into prints.

  2. Ottmar

    Matt, let me know which one(s) you might want and I can email you larger files, which will work better for a print.

  3. Panj

    Thanks Ottmar for all the fantastic pictures…the storm clouds and sunsets are totally awesome! It is your just desserts to have such beauty look down upon you!!! Speaking of looking down on you,I do have a lil question…no hat to protect your skin, when you ride your bike? Perhaps it was in your pack?…(the moon in Scorpio made me ask)…:-)))

  4. Panj

    oppsss…should have posted that down with the bike pictures…:-)…(curtsybob)

  5. Eno

    These are really amazing photos. I can’t believe how vivid it looks.

  6. Adam Solomon

    Oooh, is said first track “Silence”?

  7. Borya

    Fantastic pics. Btw, you are right what the quality of printing out is concerned. I printed some of the pics out showing you in that shirt you used for the cover of LS and the booklet of ISF. The quality is medium. But first of all I myself have to find out which service I used and which format to print out is best.

    the waterdrop pic is fantastic. yesterday (el dia 12 de agosto) i took some pics out of the train window which can be interesting since you have two levels on the photo with th glass in front of you and the moving world behind it.


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