Japanese Musicians + iTunes

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Homework Help writes ‘Japanese musicians under contract by Sony are defying their contracts by using Apple’s iTunes service to deliver songs. Rock Musician Hotoharu Sano points out: ‘It is an individual’s freedom where that person chooses to listen to music. I want to deliver my music wherever my listeners are,’. Sony Music Entertainment and Apple are still locked in talks and no agreement has been reached so far. Apple’s offering of its iTures service at lower cost in Japan is greatly attributed to their success.’ From the article: ‘ Before iTunes’ arrival, Japan’s top music download service, which is backed by Sony and includes Sony recording artists, averaged about 450,000 downloads a month. By offering its service for lower prices, Apple is undercutting such online music services. Japanese are accustomed to paying twice as much as Apple is charging in Japan, which are still higher than the 99 cents charged in the U.S.
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