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Yes, I do think any collection of tracks is an album, wether on LP, MC, CD, or in the ListeningLounge. For Up Close we will create a beautiful PDF, complete with lots of photos, notes about the recording, possibly links to video from some of the recording sessions, extensive credits with hyper-links – e.g. musicians’ email addresses (if they agree), web sites, google maps of some of the photo locations etc… – all the stuff that makes an electronic document so exciting.

Of course you will also have the choice of buying the CD with our regular 4 page full color booklet.

BTW, I think at some point a company like Google should look into the hyper-linked PDF album covers of the future. Some artists might want to include Google-advertising in their cover art and Google could sell adspace just like they do on web-sites now. I imagine a rockstar could sell a lot of booze via ads, and a popstar could sell a lot of anything and the Lords of Materialism will be happy.


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