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Today I added the two rhythm guitars from Evening (Languid Pace) to the La Semana Parts album in the ListeningLounge. I also re-discovered a song that I ended up not using for La Semana. It didn’t fit the mood I wanted to create with the album, but since it has a nice vibe I am going to release it in the LL this week-end. Another great use for the Lounge, being able to release odd songs that did not make it onto the CD releases.

In the evening I watched Chungking Express, which I had already seen in the mid-nineties when it was released. In one scene a cop, whose girlfriend has left him, says don’t cry and then you realize he is talking to an old, dripping dishrag… well, I thought that was funny… very cool Hongkong flick with French Cinema of the Sixties influence.


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