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More interesting news from one of those content cartel members who insist that we apply the highest possible ethical standards to how we deal with their products.

Sony Pictures Entertainment must pay $1.5 million US to settle the class-action lawsuit originally filed in 2001 by two irate California moviegoers, who accused the studio of inventing a bogus movie reviewer to praise some of its films.

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  1. Carol

    Wish a person could just laugh at it, but it just isn’t funny anymore. There are honest ways of getting money You don’t have to look for ways to get it through suing those “rich guys” with money to burn. Uh huh….

  2. Ottmar

    I take it you think it is perfectly acceptable for Sony to sue file-sharers (via the RIAA) on one hand and to invent a critic to advertise a movie on the other hand?

  3. Carol

    Of course not! Is that what I said? I just think suing has gotten way out of hand, and we all have to pay for it.

  4. Adam Solomon

    Hmmm, suing has gotten way out of hand, it’s a good thing that’s been oft misused. Although personally I think the worst lawsuits aren’t against these Sony execs and such but the medical malpractice suits that are killing the medical profession…but that’s a story for another day :P

    What I came to comment on, though, was that apparently up close is going to be a bit hit with the American Museum of Natural History’s Astrophysics Department–Silence: No More Longing (and various other tracks I’ve been playing) are recieving a damn good response! I’ve even got a Listening Lounge convert…

  5. Carol

    I think that is great, Adam. those who hear Ottmar, respond most favorably to Ottmar!
    …and umm, I do have a son who is a doctor. He hasn’t gotten sued, but he sure pays dearly for the others through his insurance.


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