Treo 650 GSM

02005-07-29 | Uncategorized | 2 comments

Anybody else have nothing but trouble since upgrading a GSM Treo 650 to 1.13? I upgraded in June and since then the bluetooth connection to my car no longer works, often I can call out but nobody can call me, and this week I cannot receive or send SMS text messages. I had none of these problems before I upgraded! I am about to lovingly throw this thing against a large rock.

I performed a Hard Reset and it appears I can send text messages again… since updating I have had to resort to Hard Resets twice, whereas I never had to before…


  1. Eric

    Nope, no problems… just syncing weirdness, but what else is new?


  2. Yumiko

    Carlo said, “I agree. If it can’t perform well, I’d throw it on the ground and step on it.”

    Obviously, no advice here…


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