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Matthew Herbert has a new CD called Plat Du Jour. You can check the msuic out HERE. What follows is some info he has about one of the tracks, called These Branded Waters

THESE BRANDED WATERS – studio recordings are of different bottled waters:

dasani: water magnesium sulphate, potassium chloride, salt, ozone. (picked up on plane from canada). owned by coca cola.
thames water tap water.
highland spring (owned by a consortium based in lichtenstein)
evian (bought at sainsburys local) distributed by coca cola in north america
san pelllegrino in glass bottle (found in fridge) owned by nestle
perrier owned by nestle
vittel owned by nestle
aqua pura 2 litre official bottled water of jaguar uk athletics great britain athletics team

my recent french water bottle said recently: ‘your hydration partner’ has more details about these waters and their corporate owner
in india, 69 per cent of the people do not have access to sanitary services
the track is 182 bpm because it takes 182,000 litres of water to make one ton of steel
sanitation coverage is 53% in bangladesh, so the track is 5’30’ long
how about we turn off public ornamental fountains until the rest of the world has clean drinking water and sanitation?

That’s a song with a serious story.

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  1. Gnome of the Garden


    Friends and I have had this conversation on water numerous times,over the years! Water the essence of substaining life . The cause of much conterversy ,not to be taken lightly or for granted! Our eco system and water ways! I could go on for days about this subject!



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