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A Feedster search delivered this insightful post on the new digital music distribution. Please click on the title-link to read the whole post (recommended!), but here are three snippets:

It wasn’t the RIAA suing everything in pants (or shorts, skorts or skirts) that pushed up sales, it was the fact that it is suddenly easy to do and cheap. And that’s largely down to Apple and not the recording industry. The iPod presented the platform; Apple set the price (99 cents a track and a whole CD for under 10 bucks) and provided the mechanism for delivery.

I agree, I think the RIAA is claiming a success that is entirely due to the efforts of non-big-music-biz, namely Apple and other like-minded companies and small new internet record labels and independent musicians.

The second item shows what can be done with online music delivery and, again, the innovation isn’t coming from the recording industry. This weekend nouveau flamenco star Ottmar Liebert went live with this Listening Lounge, an online music story with some unique additions. Among the innovations: music is released under a Creative Commons licence that allows sampling and remixing, you can browse music by tags (you have to see it to truly appreciate it), and a podcast from the site delivers free music to your favourite player. When you click on the ‘Listen’ button, you get to listen to the full song and not just a 30-second clip. For musicians, there are a couple of great features: the site sells cheap, copyright-free loops, and it sells parts of songs: the rhythm guitar tracks or bass track for the song Alhambra are currently being offered for $1 each, under a CC Sampling Plus licence.

And I do like this paragraph:

This really is an amazing site, and obviously the product of someone who has thought long and hard about distributing music in a way that gives fans a range of choices and an enjoyable experience. In short, it treats those who visit as music lovers, not consumers, And, again, this is not the product of music industry thinking.
From Notes from a Teacher: Mark on Media (feed)

Now that makes me feel all warm and fuzzy! Thanks!


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