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02005-07-25 | Food, Uncategorized | 2 comments

Tetsuya demonstration at David Jones in Sydney:

When I read about the legendary Tetsuya Wakuda doing a demonstration at DJs Food Hall, I was suitably excited at the prospect.

Thanks Yumiko!


  1. Ira


    Will you be playing in Sydney one day (very) soon? That will be truly fab! And how about this…my 6 year old daughter has become such a fan of yours after listening to Santa Fe, and she said “Oh Mommy, that’s flamenco music, I like it, can I have castanets and ruffled skirt so I can dance to it…” (for someone who’s been doing funky jazz for the last 3 years, that was a cool shift from her). All the best, OL.

    Natasha’s Mom


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