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This record has grown out of the Long Now Foundation’s project – the Clock of the Long Now. This is an idea to create a working clock which will mark time for ten thousand years – not really because we need more clocks in the world, but because we need more encouragement to start contemplating the possibility of a distant human future. The Clock of the Long Now is an icon to long-term thinking. When we started thinking about The Clock, we naturally wondered what kind of sound it could make to announce the passage of time. I had nurtured an interest in bells for many years, and this seemed like a good alibi for taking it a bit deeper.

All profits from the sale of this record will be donated to the Long Now Foundation. The first prototype of the Clock is working and on permanent display at the Science Museum in London. This CD has fifteen tracks and a total playing time of 75 mins 43 seconds.

Brian Eno writing about the CD Bell Studies for The Clock of The Long Now

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  1. Gnome of the Garden

    Ligtning flashes and to have said the word Oak ….I was hooked !
    Best of Luck



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