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Later, visiting with the campesinos in the hills above El Salvador, Purpose saw how they made a guitar work against all odds – using a pencil as the nut of their acoustic guitar, with carefully carved notches in the pencil for the strings to pass over. ‘It seems that people will do whatever they have to in order to have music in their lives.’

It’s in that spirit that Darryl and Kevin are asking for help to make it a little easier for some of these musicians. ‘I want to do something, and think it best to start with modest ambitions. My idea is for people to save their used guitar strings.’

Many touring artists use a set of guitar strings for a few gigs and then change them, and throw them away. These strings are like gold in some places on this planet. Send them to me, and I’ll get them into the right hands. Kevin makes many humanitarian trips to the very places I speak of.’

I sent an email to confirm the mailing address and will let you know whether the project is still ongoing.

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  1. Gnome of the Garden


    Do not quite comprehend why I have saved my old strings but I have!

    When address appears you can be sure , I will send them!

    For music is universal, and I will say it again , Many Many Thanks !



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